Bulk Topsoil for Pick-up or Delivery

Bealer / Five Cities
Construction Topsoil

Screened topsoil is readily available at our Coal Valley, IL and LeClaire, IA locations. The topsoil is processed through a shredder and broken down into 3/8” screened topsoil, ideal for landscaping projects, gardens, lawns and fill.

Screened topsoil without clumps and debris is easy to work with.

Homeowners can also purchase unprocessed fill dirt product for backfilling large holes or voids.

This is a Trummel. It pulverizes the dirt, so it’s nice and fluffy.

This is a Trummel.
It pulverizes the dirt, so it’s nice and fluffy.

At Bealer Family Builders, we always have your bulk topsoil for pick-up or delivery.

If you plan to pick up your material, remember that one cubic yard of topsoil (27 cubic feet) weighs about one ton (2,000 pounds); you’ll want to be sure your vehicle or trailer can handle that weight. To allow for tractor loading, the truck or trailer also should not have a cap or a rack. (Please note that Bealer Family Builders is not responsible for damage to a vehicle during loading or unloading.)

We are currently open for the season, depending on if the weather will allow us to be open. Call (309) 781-7879 to schedule an appointment!

Prices (Cash or Check Only):

  • Sifted topsoil $40 per cubic yard
  • Unscreened Black Dirt – $25/yard
  • Delivery (from loaded location – Round trip)
    • 0-5 miles – $90
    • 6-10 miles – $95
    • 11-15 miles – $110
    • 16-20 miles – $120
    • 21-25 miles – $130
    • 26-30 miles – $140
    • 30+ – Contact Us
A pickup truck will hold 1 cubic yard. Don’t have a truck? We will deliver it to you!
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