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Concrete Solutions

At Bealer Family Builders, we understand that passable and functional roads are vital in every developing community. Our company’s subsidiary, Five Cities Construction, is proudly comprised of experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge when it comes to concrete work.

Regardless of what you need, we’ll be more than happy to extend our services to you. Call us at (309) 781-7879 today to learn what our team can do for your local community today.


Our Concrete Work

In addition to providing bids to local municipalities for excavation, pipework and concrete work, we also have a variety of clients who reach out to us for other construction solutions. Some of the areas that we also specialize in include:


Municipal Infrastructure

We work on streets, sidewalks, curbs & gutters.

Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios

Brighten up your property by building a brand-new concrete patio in your yard. With our professional contractors, you can be sure that your space will have a touch of intricacy and beauty that will instantly upgrade your outdoor living space.

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Quality concrete or construction work doesn’t have to be costly. At Five Cities Construction, our crew will do an on-site inspection and measurement, ensuring we have all of the accurate information we need to provide you with the best possible estimate, free of charge.

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